Lambda T


Synthetic cooling agent for heat treatment, based on organic polymers. The product is non-flammable, has an optimal content of corrosion inhibitors and is delivered concentrated.

Function and range of use

In various concentrations in water, it can be used for hardening of parts in alloy and high-alloy steels.

The technological research carried out on the susceptibility to cracking, calibration, hardness, structural condition, on a wide range of steels (OLC 60; 40 Cr 10; MoVC 50 13; 28 TiMoCr 12 - carbonized; VCW 85; etc.) has led to the following conclusions:

1. At 20-25% in water, Lambda T replaces the TT-22 and TT-50 oils for the hardening of parts in cementing, improving and tool steels, with a percentage of alloying of max. 8%.

2. At 20-25% in water, Lambda T replaces the hardening oil of parts and tools in high-alloy steel with min. 8% alloying elements (VCW 85).

3. At 15-20% in water, Lambda T eliminates the susceptibility to cracking at surface hardening in high frequency currents of parts in carbon and low-alloy steels.

4. Hardening depth, structure and physical-mechanical values obtained are similar to those of oil hardening.

5. The temperature range for solution use is 25 - 60oC.Temperatures of up to 80oC may be accidentally allowed.

6. It is not recommended for hardening the parts in WMo18 type steel due to cracks that occur during the process.