Range of synthetic solutions, water soluble, based on organic bases specially created to remove casting imperfections of precast concrete, to obtain a significantly enhanced surface, with uniform and smooth finish. The product provides a quick, easy and complete detachment of the formwork. It is recommended for all types of formwork, including metal, polyester and plywood.

Function and range of use

The product is delivered concentrated and the working solution is prepared by diluting with water up at a concentration of 5 - 15% (dilution approx. 1:20 - 1:6), depending on the water hardness.

The solution is prepared by pouring the product over the appropriate amount of water and stirring until its homogenization.

Regardless of the application method adopted, optimal results are obtained when the product is applied in a film as even as possible.

The product should not be mixed with other compounds.


• It improves the surface of concrete, reduces or removes gaps and flaws;

• It does not stain, it is suitable even for concrete that contains white cement;

• Reduces the cost of mould cleaning by reducing the layer of concrete left on molds;

• Biodegradable, non-flammable;

• Metal formwork corrosion protection properties.