Lambda D


Aqueous solution based on surfactants and alkanolamines.

Function and range of use

Synthetic product designed for degreasing of metal, non-metal, synthetic surfaces. Perfect and ecologic replacer of trichlorethylene and perchlorethylene.


• It shows physical and chemical stability over time. No biocidation treatment required.

• It ensures corrosion protection after impurities' removal.

• Very short action time for parts with high degree of dirt.

• Non-toxic.

• It can be used as a trichloroethylene or perchloroethylene substitute.


It is used in concentrations of 15-40% (vol.) in water, in air bubbling baths, at a temperature of 60-80°C, with an optimal running time of 2 minutes, for grease and polishing pastes. For the removal of emulsifying mineral oils and lubricants based on soaps of alkaline earth metals (Ca, Ba, Sr) degreasing occurs at cold, at a concentration of 15-40% (vol.) product in water, manually or in degreasing baths.