Lambda A3


Aqueous solution of sodium polyacrylate with lower molecular weight, usable as an inhibitor of insoluble carbonate type crust in industrial water cooling systems or as a dispersing / liquefying agent in aqueous dispersed systems (pigments, clays, etc.).

The product can be used as an anti-incrustant/ dispersing agent in the process of pulp obtained from timber.

Function and range of use

It acts on the growth mechanism of crystals and on the nucleation phenomenon of calcium, barium and strontium salts in water, preventing their building-up over time in the system. The concentration of use varies depending on the type of water used, temperature and implicitly the severity of the conditions of crust formation (e.g. size of circuit section).

It is used in concentrations between 5 and 50 ppm; a dose of 5-10 ppm is recommended. As a dispersing / liquefying agent we recommend using a dose of 0.1-1%; best value determination results from preliminary laboratory tests - depending on the aqueous dispersion characteristics.

In the process of pulp obtaining it acts as an anti-incrustant/dispersing agent and inhibits calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and barium sulfate type building-ups on various equipment (Kamyr digesters, scrubbers, black lye evaporators, etc.).