Lambda MAT - Bucharest is a Romanian company specialized in the production of synthetic additives and special chemical products for the building sector, metal-working and heavy industry, power generation industry and agriculture. The company is a pioneer in the technology of polymer synthesis under microwave radiation. With extensive experience in top areas of applicative research, the company produces and distributes a broad range of synthetic compounds and chemical additives.

Lambda MAT holds in Bucharest its own research and development laboratories for product and technologies development, aiming to connect chemistry and technological innovation with the principles of sustainability, durability and active environmental protection.

On the industrial production lines placed in Slobozia, Ialomita County, the company produces a large and diversified range of ecological substances and state-of-the-art chemical compounds, obtained in accordance with the European industrial and environmental standards in the field.

Lambda MAT holds the CE conformity mark and the certificate for factory production control, according to the directives and standards in force.

Lambda MAT technological creation represents the entire force. Its mission is to create and implement in the industry new Materials, Applications and Technologies with superior qualities, dedicated to an efficient and effective environmental protection.

The flexibility of manufacturing flows and the good results, allow the company to move to industrial scale production. It continues the development of compounds also after their inclusion in the manufacturing cycle, so that, by improving their properties and functional characteristics, to best satisfy the continuously evolving market demands.